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walk_in_the_sun's Journal

thomas o'malley
17 January 1989
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hello there, i'm carry.
my full name is caroline toni rhea, and my birth date is 17th January 1989, making me 23 years of age.
i'm the kind of person that you either understand completely, or cannot for-the-life-of-yourself fathom what my jokes
and jibes are about. i'm working on being more outgoing, but if i feel that my opinion or voice is required, it shall be heard. i tend to giggle at most things, though it's very rare that i smile without someone/thing having enforced it one way or another. i have a slight obsession with teeth, and whilst a boy might talk to my breasts, i'll find that i'm talking to his teeth, so i should say all's fair. i have a great passion for music, and play several
instruments. i enjoy gigs more than anything else, and would much rather drive 2 hours to see a band, than walk down the road to the pub. i tend to talk slightly like i was brought up in a 1900's boarding school, but it's something that i've only recently started doing, and i'm not entirely sure upon why. i become completely stumped by text language; i get completely bewildered, so please type fully if you are commenting me. i'm sorry if i sound like a complete ass, but it's who i am, and i don't see as i should change for anyone.
my biggest idols are matt freeman, and jaco pastorius; if i was even half as good at bass playing as them, i'd be happy.


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